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Do you bleed orange? We do too, so it’s with great pleasure that we can say that the ATLAS Throttle Lock works with almost every KTM out there. With or without hand guards, heated grips, plastic or metal throttle tubes – it doesn’t phase the ATLAS.

Fun Fact: The ATLAS was designed while traveling around the world two-up on a 640 Adventure. 

Conclusion: You can trust that the ATLAS will give you what you need - comfort, control and relief - in a strong, resilient, discrete device.

Models - Install Tips Years Best Kits
625 LC4 / SXC / SMC All Either Kit
640 LC4 Adventure All Either Kit
640 LC4 Adventure R All Either Kit
640 LC4 Duke II All Either Kit
640 LC4 Enduro All Either Kit
640 LC4 Super Moto All Either Kit
690 Duke All Either Kit
690 Enduro All Either Kit
690 SMC / SMC R All Either Kit
790 Adventure 1 All Top Kit
790 Duke 1 All Top Kit
950 LC8 Adventure / R / S All Either Kit
950 SM / Super Enduro All Either Kit
990 LC8 Adventure / R / S All Either Kit
990 SM All Either Kit
990 SMR Supermoto R All Either Kit
990 SMT Supermoto T All Either Kit
1050 Adventure All Top Kit
1090 Adventure / R All Top Kit
1190 Adventure / R All Top Kit
1290 Super Adventure R / S / T All Top Kit
1290 Super Duke / R / GT All Top Kit
Duke 125 All Either Kit
Duke 200 All Either Kit
Duke 250 All Either Kt
Duke 390 All Either Kit
Duke 620 All Either Kit
EXC (All cc) All Either Kit
RC 125 All Top Kit
RC 200 All Top Kit
RC 250 All Top Kit
RC 390 All Top Kit
RC8 All Top Kit

Is your motorcycle not listed here? Please email us the Year, Make and Model of your motorcycle and we can help determine fitment. If possible, please include an image of the gap between the throttle housing and your throttle grip. Contact Us Page

Top Kit  Bottom Kit
ATLAS Throttle Lock Top Kit Black ATLAS Throttle Lock Bottom Kit
Top Kit Polished Bottom Kit Polished
ATLAS Throttle Lock Polished Stainless Steel Top Kit ATLAS Throttle Lock Polished Bottom Kit

Top Kit: You'll want a Top Kit if:

  • There is less than 1.5 inches (38 mm) of clearance between the tank and the throttle housing at full right turn.
  • There's a heated grip wire that comes out the bottom half of your rubber grip flange.

Bottom Kit: You'll want the Bottom Kit if:

  • There's a heated grip wire that comes out the top half of your rubber grip flange.
  • There are no other interferences. The majority of motorcycles will be able to use the Bottom Kit. 

ATLAS Throttle Lock Installation Instructions

What's included with the Kit?

Your kit comes with everything you need to mount the ATLAS on many different motorcycles.

  • Installation Instructions
  • Allen Key (2mm)
  • 2 M3 Bolts with thread locker
  • 3 sizes of friction pads (2 of each)
  • Alcohol Prep Pad
  • Stickers

Friction Pads are required.

The ATLAS Throttle Lock was designed to be used with friction pads. Friction pads can last anywhere from 3,000 miles to 40,000+ miles. The wear depends on how often you rotate the throttle while it is engaged and if your throttle housings has sharp edges that rub on the friction pad. If you need replacement friction pads, you can buy more here: Friction Pads.

Which friction pad should you use?

The friction pads come in 3 different thicknesses. Your kit comes with two of each size but you will only need to apply one pad to your ATLAS. Watch our installation video and follow the instructions to determine which friction pad works best. You will want to start with the thickest friction pad and see if it fits between the throttle housing and the ATLAS Stopper Arm. If it doesn't fit, try the next size down until you find the right size that does not make contact with the throttle housing when disengaged. 

Where should I place my friction pad?

We recommend adhering the friction pad along the top edge of the Stopper Arm, but, for some motorcycles, this isn't the best solution. If your throttle housing has any bevels on it which will interfere with the friction pad during any part of the rotation, then you will want to adjust the placement of the friction pad to avoid those bevels. Sometimes this means placing the friction pad a few millimeters away from the top edge of the stopper arm, or maybe placing it to the far right or left on the stopper arm.

All Motorcycle Makes and Models

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1. The Top Kit is the only kit recommended for the 790 series at this time. This is because there is a lip at the seam of the throttle housing on the side facing the rider. Additionally, the mounting gap for these models tends to be tight, especially with OEM heated grips. Because of the narrow gap, the Bottom Kit can snag on the lip of the throttle housing, potentially preventing the throttle from returning to neutral. Some bikes may be able to use the Bottom Kit, and riders will be able to try it if they want to, but thorough checking of the installation is recommended before road use. If the Bottom Kit is found to snag, please reach out to us at info@atlasthrottlelock.com for an exchange.

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