Replacement Kit for Top and Bottom Kits

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Lost your baggie that came with your ATLAS? Need more friction pads or a replacement bolt? This bag has it all!

Here's what's inside the bag:

  • 2 Bolts (Each version of the ATLAS uses a different bolt)
  • Allen Key
  • All three thicknesses of friction pads (2 of each size)
  • Alcohol prep pad and stickers
IMPORTANT: There are 3 different versions of the ATLAS Throttle Lock:
  • Gloss Black/Polished Double Button
  • Matte Black Double Button
  • Single Button
Please be sure to order the correct Replacement Kit. The Gloss Black/Polished versions have M3 bolts, while the Matte Black and Single Button units have 4-40 bolts. If you have any questions, please email for directions.


Below are some images of the Gloss Black/Polished Double Button ATLAS. Notice how the buttons have been polished on all of these units.

    Below are some images of the Matte Black Double Button ATLAS. Notice how the buttons have not been polished on these units.
    Below is an image of our Single Button ATLAS

    Motorcycle Cruise Control Fitment Chart

    Customer Reviews

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    Atlas Throttle Lock

    Great product!


    Awesome Company all the way around

    Solid piece of kit

    I must admit, I needed to watch the installation videos two or three times before installing a top kit on my 2018 CB500X because I was installing aftermarket heated grips at the same time, discovering the whole process to be very easy. I’ve never had a throttle lock on a bike before, and after a few trips with extended periods of almost fully open throttle (with wrist cranked back), I’m a believer. Atlas’ customer service is excellent, too. Bear in mind that this isn’t cruise control, meaning speed will vary even with the slightest road-gradients, so you still need to monitor throttle position. Even so, this simple device is an anti-aching wrist device and a nice addition to any bike that doesn’t have cruise control.

    Easy to use...once you grasp the functionality

    Took me a bit to really grasp the simplicity of this item—I may be a touch obtuse. However, it really is simple to install and very easy to use. Watch the available YouTube videos to help, and if you need tech support Atlas is fast and clear—and they follow up! I suggest ordering extra pads in order to ensure you get the correct tension settings for your install (I found I needed to try it on the road to be certain of the veracity of the tension).

    Very Nice Service!

    I had a problem with my new Kit they contacted me and they promptly replaced it Very Nice People Gr8 service !