Replacement Kits for all ATLAS Throttle Locks

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Lost your baggie that came with your ATLAS? Need more friction pads or a replacement bolt? This bag has it all!
IMPORTANT: There are 2 different generations of ATLAS Throttle Locks:
  • Bottom Kit & Top Kit - 2nd Generation
  • Single Button - 1st Generation
Please be sure to order the correct Replacement Kit. If you have any questions, please email for directions.

Here's what's inside the bag:

  • Bolt
  • Allen Key
  • All three thicknesses of friction pads (2 of each size)
  • Alcohol prep pad and stickers
Below is an image of our 2nd Generation Bottom Kit.
Below is an image of our 2nd Generation Top Kit.
Below is an image of our 1st Generation ATLAS which operates with a Single Button.