Replacement Kits for all ATLAS Throttle Locks

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Lost your baggie that came with your ATLAS? Need more friction pads or a replacement bolt? This bag has it all!

Here's what's inside the bag:

  • 2 Bolts (Each version of the ATLAS uses a different bolt)
  • Allen Key
  • All three thicknesses of friction pads (2 of each size)
  • Alcohol prep pad and stickers
IMPORTANT: There are 3 different versions of the ATLAS Throttle Lock:
  • Gloss Black/Polished Double Button
  • Matte Black Double Button
  • Single Button
Please be sure to order the correct Replacement Kit. The Gloss Black/Polished versions have M3 bolts, while the Matte Black and Single Button units have 4-40 bolts. If you have any questions, please email for directions.


Below are some images of the Gloss Black/Polished Double Button ATLAS. Notice how the buttons have been polished on all of these units.

    Below are some images of the Matte Black Double Button ATLAS. Notice how the buttons have not been polished on these units.
    Below is an image of our Single Button ATLAS

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    Customer Reviews

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    Awesome product

    Great products and service. These guys rock.

    Great Customer Servie - and product

    Couldn't be more satisfied. Thanks!

    Very happy

    I had a little difficulty at first, I contacted Atlas and they promptly gave me a couple tips on the mounting procedure and sent me some spare parts that I needed- all free of charge.
    I finally got a chance to finish mounting the Atlas on my bike, and I'm extremely pleased with it, it does everything exactly as advertised and enhances riding pleasure.
    I'm also extremely pleased with Atlas customer service.

    Too much loctite on threads

    Just wanted to thank you for the speedy response. I had an issue with too much loctite on the treads of the screws...the heads stripped long before the unit was tight. Sent an email late a night and got an immediate response. Everything is installed and working perfectly...thanks so much to the team at Atlas

    friction pads

    You guys sent me replacement friction pads, free of charge, as I managed to screw up the first set. I found that the grip on my Indian Scout needed to be moved over just a tad from the switch housing, and I also (using the thinnest pad) ran a fine sandpaper multiple times across the friction pad ….and everything now woriks PERFECTLY. Thank you some much for sending those pads. GREAT PRODUCT!!