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Ural Gear-Up

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Charles H., 2014 Ural Gear Up - This is a great throttle lock. It looks clean and is well made. Worth the money… and easy to install.

Ural Gear-Up Cruise Control
Ural Gear-Up Throttle Lock
Ural Gear-Up ATLAS Throttle Lock


Clamp arm: Small Clamp arm

Channel: 1st Channel

Friction Pad: Medium Friction Pad

Explanation of Install

The ATLAS Throttle Lock fits perfectly with the Ural Gear-Up. There's only one minor adjustment you will need to make before mounting the ATLAS. You will need to cut off a small section of the plastic throttle sleeve flange. If you don't cut off this small section of plastic, the ATLAS' stopper arm will be held back from engaging with the throttle housing.

Once the flange is cut, test to see if the ATLAS stopper arm has enough room to clear the flange when engaged.

Use the medium clamp arm on the 1st channel to clamp it to your throttle sleeve. Clamp the ATLAS between the fixed plastic grip flange (the one you cut) and the plastic collar/rubber grip.

Adhere the medium friction pad along the top edge of the stopper arm, just like in this photo.

Do you still have a question about installation? Drop us a line. Include your bike's year, make and model. Thanks!