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Customer Reviews

Ben M., 1996 Suzuki GSF600 Bandit - The ATLAS was pretty easy to install. I did have to peel back the grip a bit to get it to fit, but it wasn't difficult to install and it has stayed securely in place just fine… What I like about it, is that when I don't need it, I can forget that it's even there. But on the occasions that I have used it, it worked exactly as I would expect. It holds the throttle exactly where I put it but I can still adjust the throttle with minimal friction. It only took a couple of tries to get used to engaging and disengaging the ATLAS, and now I can do it smoothly by feel, almost without thinking about it.

Larry K., 2009 Suzuki, 650 Vstrom - I had to call David [for help with installation] but it all went well without modification. Great design. I have tried many throttle locks but every one I tried tended to very slowly release when set. Your device operates just as it is advertised and performs great. Thanks.

David S., 2011 Suzuki GSX1250fa - Took me about 20 minutes to install but I'm all thumbs so someone reasonably competent could probably do it in 10. No mods required. Works great. It is the only one I've tried other than the Throttlemeister that seems to pretty much hold the throttle in place and the ATLAS is way easier to manage than the Throttlemeister.

Suzuki with the ATLAS Throttle LockSuzuki with the ATLAS Throttle LockATLAS Throttle Lock with Medium Friction PadTrim V-Strom Throttle Grip


Clamp arm: Large Clamp arm

Channel: 2nd Channel

Friction Pad: Medium Friction Pad

Explanation of Install

In order to mount the ATLAS Throttle Lock to your V-Strom, GSX-R or other Suzuki bike with identical throttles, you must pull back the rubber grip flange to expose a small plastic wedge. There's a small amount of rubber which will tear when you pull the grip flange back. This rubber isn't visible until you start pulling the grip flange back. This rubber isn't necessary and is only on Suzuki throttles.

There is a wedge on the plastic throttle sleeve which needs to be partly exposed in order to mount the ATLAS. In the second image down, you can see how the ATLAS clamp arm mounts next to the plastic wedge.

This isn't a difficult installation, just be mindful of any bevels or bumps on your throttle housing. Make sure the friction pad clears all of these bevels when you rotate your throttle. Watch our installation video, it explains how to position your friction pad to clear these bevels.

Suzuki Boulevard

Most Models

Suzuki Boulevard
Suzuki Boulevard with the ATLAS Throttle Lock


Clamp arm: Large Clamp arm

Channel: 3rd Channel

Friction Pad: Medium Friction Pad

Explanation of Install

1.) Remove the end cap and throttle rubber grip.

2.) Move the chrome flange to expose the white plastic throttle sleeve.

3.) Place the ATLAS on the edge of raised white throttle sleeve.

4.) Push the chrome plastic flange back against the ATLAS and replace the rubber grip and end cap.

5.) Smooth out the rubber grip, adjust postion of the ATLAS as needed and go out and ride!

Suzuki Boulevard Throttle Lock installationSuzuki Boulevard ATLAS Throttle Lock installation Suzuki Boulevard ATLAS Throttle Lock installation
Suzuki Boulevard Throttle Lock installation

Do you still have a question about installation? Drop us a line. Include your bike's year, make and model. Thanks!