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Atlas has knocked it out of the park! By far the best throttle lock system on the market! Thank you!

Changed my riding life

I'd been looking for a throttle lock as I get numbness in my right arm/hand if it's extended for too long. Previously I'd have to adjust my position in traffic before de-clutching to drop my arm and get the blood flowing. I fitted the Atlas Throttle Lock on my Triumph Sprint GT prior to a long 5 hour ride and WOW! It enabled me to let go of the throttle safely and get feeling back into my hand. A game changer for me.

Works great

I just installed it. Took about 10 min to read instructions and install it on my Moto Guzzi V7lll LE.
Works perfect and is slim , not something bulky or anything. Very nice

Honda Motorcycles - ATLAS Throttle Lock

Throttle lock

Great item. High quality. Perfect in use.

Triumph Motorcycles - ATLAS Throttle Lock

Pretty ingenious

Its pretty cool how this thing works, And it does work exactly as they describe it in their videos. Mounting is easy, positioning (rotationally) took me a couple tries to find the spot I liked the best, and did require more pad thickness than I originally felt was sufficient - that's on me.
Great product that'll last

Well Engineered, High Build Quality. Works.

The Atlas Throttle Lock is a no-brainer to add to your motorcycle. If you ride any amount of distance on a straight road, you’ll wonder how you’ve been doing it without the Atlas. The team at Atlas has built a device that does exactly what it says on the tin. Easy install. Fits your bike. Works. The thing just works. I had mine installed in about 3 minutes, and had my throttle locked on the state road near my house in 5. Easy to engage, easy to disengage, easy to tune throttle position when it’s in use. Fantastic add-on.

Look no further!!

Ok, so this thing is no cruise control...BUT, I’ve never used a better throttle lock. Forget the bar end twisty PITA throttled locks. The ATLAS throttle lock is easy to install and even easier to use, it really is a no brainer. I wish I’d skipped straight to ATLAS and ignored everything else, so much wasted time, ha. It’s good - buy it.


Works as it should. Well built, quality product!

Couldn't wait for this to arrive and l wasn't let down so easy to install and use huge thumbs up from me

Took a little fine tuning, but working fine so far.

As with many other riders, my hands tend to get numb and tingly, but for myself, more so from the damage I've put them through with a decade as an auto mechanic. I installed the throttle lock on my 2011 KLR650 to help shake my hands out, as the right one usually gets worse than the left, but there's no relief unless I stop. Initially, the throttle stuck slightly when released, and I believed I had the incorrect pad installed (I used the middle thickness pad). After riding for a few days needing to force the throttle back to off, I decided to take it apart and change the friction pad. But after loosening the throttle lock screw 1/2 turn, I found that I had simply over tightened the throttle lock on install, and it was holding the throttle open because of it. No issues now, couldn't be happier with the product. I've already recommended it to a few of my riding buddies, and it will definitely be an add on to my next bike for sure.

Great Product!

The throttle lock is genius, I've been riding beemers for sometime and always wanted a lock versus a "rocker". The Atlas has saved my right hand! It was easy to install and adjust. I'm still "tweaking" the adjustment to get the throttle creep out but it's so much better than anything out there.

Absolutely love my ThrottleLock

This is a great product, works has advertise. Very Very happy.

Claude F.

Throttle lock

It took a while to get tuned in but works very well. I’m glad I went with this one I’m very pleased

Just great quality

It has a very interesting way of locking in speeds but it work very well i was hesitant to get one but i am glad to have one

Bought my second one!

I am extremely pleased with the Atlas throttle lock, and am now putting them on all my bikes. Very well made, great engineering & design, and the install is very quick. Worth the money for the years of service you will get out of it.

Easy and works!

Quick and easy to install and works perfectly!

My carpal tunnel thanks you!

It’s amazing to be able to ride and give my hand a break. My hand goes numb often due to having a bad case of carpal tunnel syndrome. I can actually keep up with everyone and my hand is perfect. Thank you!

Throttle lock

Easy to instal works great. Some slight increase or decrease in speed but nothing major.

Really good product

An Innovative take on a throttle lock

For those that prefer not to tie up scant grip width with a plastic throttle lock, the Atlas is the ticket. It's well made, installs in minutes and works well. It takes some mental acumen to get your head around how it functions, but once you figure it out the simplicity is revealed. It's pricey enough that when I sell the bike, the Atlas will migrate to another model, so I'm saving the different sized friction strips for future use.


Works Great!

Atlas throttle lock

I am very satisfied with this product. It is exactly what they advertised it to be. I'd buy it again.

Locker it self great..... but it little things that probably good have want different

I have a 2008 victory vegas and yes both locker can be use ...but it different wood look more normal with the bottom locker ...
Sec. I bought this locker and didn't go all the way down the page and different fine out to after I need to change my stock hand grips... just a thought maybe put a note at bottom of page on top...
Under then that it work great. But wishing I got the bottom one...