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ATLAS Throttle Lock Review Search Tool

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Clever and effective

This throttle lock is a welcome addition to my travel kit. I very much enjoy epic road trips on my Kawasaki Vulcan. The throttle lock will make long highway miles a breeze. It is so nice to not have to twist the grip for hours. Great little device!

Awesome Company

Bought my Atlas lock a year ago and had no issues with it. Until early this year had a little issue. Sent an email Explaining what happened I got a replacement arm within the week. It’s an outstanding product outstanding customer service

So thankful for this product

After having experienced the pleasure of having a throttle lock on my previous bike I was SO very e cited to see the Atlas video on Facebook.

Your team was quick to respond to my question if I needed a top or bottom mount for my model. The product came innate timely matter that happened to be the day before my trip.
I left for my seven hundred mile trip with the atlas throttle lock installed and boy was I impressed. It was worth every penny

Loving it!

I really love this product! It’s super simple to put on and to use and it works flawlessly!!!
Best throttle lock out there.

Yamaha Motorcycles - ATLAS Throttle Lock

Atlas throttle lock

great device i prefer this to cruise control no messing about taking your eyes off the road one click on and one click on simple

2022 KLR Adventure throttle lock

Purchased the throttle lock for my 2022 KLR Adventure. The installation was a breeze. This throttle lock works like a champ. No more worn out throttle hand and fingers!

So far, so good!

Have not done any riding yet (Canadian winter) but install was pretty easy with lots of resources to help out with the process. Dry runs seem to work well! If your bike doesnt have factory cruise control, this has to be the next best thing!

Radamgiz ❤️ Atlas

Easy install. Easy operation. Great product. I will say “ITS WEIRD HOLDING ON WITH YOUR LEFT HAND! ONLY”

neat device

A quality product, well designed and fabricated. Does exactly what is expected. The quality justifies the price.

DRZ400s Throttle Lock review

The 1st thing you need to do is read the instructions thoroughly. It took me a couple of times to get the jist of how to fit it. The 1st fit I applied the medium pad. This was ok when not moving. Unfortunately when out on a ride it slipped. I then applied the thickest pad which improved, but was not perfect. The problem was the smoothness of the material the pad was being pushed onto. The problem was resolved by roughening up the surface with some sandpaper. Problem solved and I now have a one handed working throttle lock that remains in position.

Honda Motorcycles - ATLAS Throttle Lock

Throttle lock

Works great, install not hard at all.

90% successful

Found it vibrates off on the older Harley 87 Heritage Softail. Not the Atlas problem just the vibration on a rough surface.
A Critique not a criticism!!
Happy 😃

Quality **

Quality, effective, efficient product and simple to put on bike.

Atlas on GTR1400

That piece of metal is absolutely brilliant! Easy to install, easy to operate. On my GTR1400 it fits perfectly, I tried it several times. Now I`m ready for my big summer trip /1600 miles per direction./

2022 Triumph Street Scrambler

The Atlas was easy to install and works great. Would buy again.

It works!

Very nice product. Good bye numb hands on long rides!


Easy to order with quick delivery.
Easy to install in just minutes.
Easy to operate.
Bomb proof equipment.

Great product

Achat facile, livraison rapide, installation minimale et bonne qualité du produit.

Honda Motorcycles - ATLAS Throttle Lock


Put this on my Honda NC750XA. Easy to do and really helps with the numbness in my hand after surgery. So simple to install and use

Bill southern highlands NSW

Have only had a chance to use it once since fitting it and works great and took less than a week to get here
Cheers Bill

great product

Tried it out today after a relatively easy install. Works surprisingly well and will be useful to have on the bike (even if I don't use it that much) for those long boring sections where your right hand needs a rest.

Roy in Tinaroo

The thing for me is I wanted a simple system for operations. I was going to buy a cheap ass handle kit and it was my baby brother who surprised me with a cruise control kit that when I first saw it thought, "shit this is going to be hard to fit". Lucky for me my thinking was completely wrong, the kit along with a little YouTube time was easy to fit, the time in setting it up had to be prefect, (because I have a BMW with Bush bashing protector guards on the ends of the handle bars).
The Altas control is awesome, that's the only word to describe the quick operation of this system. Its outstanding with on/off and is great compared to other models on the market. I glad my younger brother had the good will to purchase the Altas controller for me, it's going to be a life changer for on the long hauls.