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ATLAS Throttle Lock Review Search Tool

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Does what it says on the box

very happy

great simple cruise control highly recommended easy to fit and works exactly as described. well worth the purchase same price as one speeding fine here in AUS

Great product

Great product
Great for motor way riding or just when u need to rest your right hand

Throttle lock for the 2022 KLR 650

Awesome little device. Just finished my 4th round Australia motor bike trip and setting up a new bike for the next trip. This throttle lock will be great for the long haul sections across the top of Australia. Thanks for your help...

Comodo e facile da montare

L’ho montato in 5 minuti e funziona perfettamente, la fattura mi sembra molto buona ma bisognerà vedere nel tempo cosa succede.

Great Product - Easier to use than the competition...

I have used the twist throttle locks and even a thumb lock style unit that take up some of your grip space. This unit take up no space on your grip and is very solid, this is the best lock I have tried. It does cost more but it is worth it.

Really good

Quick to fit easy to operate and very effective.
It took only a matter of minutes to fit, and works brilliantly. I can certainly recommend this product as a retro-fit cruise control.

Atlas throttle lock

Great little unit to have. Gives my wrists a chance to relax on those long freeway rides. Small and east to use.

works great

Is what I needed to assist me in the reinstallation of my Atlas Throttle lock. Worked out great and now my Throttle lock works as it is supposed to work. great product.............

Very good product

I am extremely happy with the design, ergonomics, and overall quality of this product. If you have and injected bike, then you know that the throttle can sometimes be very sensitive to road bumps. This product stabilizes your twist tube. My only issue, and it is a very minor one, is that trying to find the proper friction pad and exact location to mount it can be a bit tricky. On mine, I had to adjust the clocking several times to find the sweet spot, but once I found it, it was all the difference in the world. Thank you Atlas, you now have a customer for life

Quality is worth the price

This is a solidly built instrument that works great compared to the other types of locks I've used in the past. It can be adjusted in very small increments. If you're on the fence because of the cost...just get it already!

First ride not very happy, but after tighting the screw i am now very happy and would recommend it to allthat would like a throttle lock. I have tried a few others , but they were crap compared to the ATLAS

My first trip

So I purchased the throttle lock and made a 6 hour trip across interstate 40. Let me tell you this was one of the best investments I've spent for my bike in a long time usually when I run that far my wrist hurts so bad and goes numb. But with the throttle lock wow just freaking wow it made it seem like I was only going 100 miles wasn't anything.
I will say that it's a little crazy feeling to get used to it being on the throttle but once you get that down you're going to kick yourself for not getting one sooner.
As far as quality this thing is solid fully metal doesn't feel cheap.

Great product

Worth the money.

Yamaha Motorcycles - ATLAS Throttle Lock


Easy install took three minutes
Great for long trips got 6000 kilometres to do soon
But the little I’ve used it seems to do the job flourless
Just remember to sand any high points on kill switch body so not to damage gripper block
Cheers guys

Saves my wrist when it gets numb

Great product. My right wrist tends to get numb quickly when riding for a while. This helps out where I can just lock it on and go about on the ride. Easily ajustable.

Great throttle lock.

The throttle lock works perfectly and was so easy to install. I heard about it from listening to adventure rider radio and will be recommending to others. Now I need to order more for my other motorcycles.

Heath Hrappstead
Regina, SK, Canada

Helping Hand!!

Easy to use once you figure it out. Adjust the speed and relax your hand for longer chill rides is a game changer. Little pricy, but you get what you pay for: Quality. Definatly 5stars from me..


It is a very sturdy product and does exactly what it claims!


works a treat easy to fit and operate.
feels solid and well made.

they say it will not work on a roadmaster but a bit of lube and adjust hex bolt im rideing down dhe road with my dead throdle just like my old bikes

Replacement Kit for Top and Bottom Kits

highly recommended

Fast delivery,
fits perfectly on my Ural,
perfect function!


Wisest of all my motorcycle purchases so far !
Just love this well crafted addition to my bike!
Now ready for the longer cruises.

Mike C.