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The ATLAS Throttle Lock bolts on to the majority of Kawasakis on the road today.

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Customer Reviews

Jeff M., 2012 Kawasaki Concours - [The ATLAS] went on easy. It took a couple tries to get it adjusted correctly. The ATLAS works well. It lets me remove my throttle hand from the bar to get a break.

Dustin, 2009 Kawasaki KLR 650 - The install was super easy. No mods, [I just] had to try a few different friction pads to get it to work. This throttle lock is the best. I have used two other brands of throttle lock and the ATLAS is the easiest to use and install. It's safer too because it's always in the same spot when you need to reach it so no looking required.

Brent Y., 2013 Kawasaki Versys 650 - I like the way it sets and releases without requiring the throttle to be closed. The ATLAS body does get a little in the way of pushing the starter button, but that's just something to get used to. I like how it looks factory without that add-on look of other locks like the OmniCruise that I had on before. And since it is so unobtrusive, it's much less likely to be stolen than brake lever-operated throttle locks like GoCruise or OmniCruise. It definitely is expensive, though you do get a quality built, USA made product.
Kawasaki Concours Throttle Lock

Kawasaki KLR 650 

(Years 2008 - Present)

Kawasaki KLR 650 Throttle Lock

Kawasaki KLR 650 Throttle Lock


Clamp arm: Small Clamp arm

Channel: 1st Channel

Friction Pad: Medium Friction Pad

Explanation of Install

The ATLAS Throttle Lock fits perfectly with the 2008 and newer KLR 650s. 

Position the medium sized friction pad roughly 0.12" (same thickness as the large friction pad) below the top edge of the stopper. You are doing this so the majority of the friction pad will clear a small bevel on the throttle housing. Also, adhere the friction pad off to the left (just like in the photo) to allow room for your throttle housing vertical bevel. Look under your throttle and you will see what I'm talking about.

It may also help if you loosen your starter button housing and throttle housing, then rotate both of them forward. Now, tighten them back onto the handlebars. The goal is to have the ATLAS in an ergonomically appropriate position

Place the ATLAS between the throttle housing and the large plastic throttle sleeve flange. Clamp the ATLAS while it's butted against the plastic throttle sleeve flange.

Do not over-tighten the bolt. This will pinch the plastic throttle sleeve around your handlebars, restricting rotation. Just tighten it enough so the ATLAS doesn't spin around your throttle when you press the button. It may take a couple tries before you find the right amount of pressure.

Do you still have a question about installation? Drop us a line. Include your bike's year, make and model. Thanks!