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Indian Scout

Customer Reviews

Bryan M., 2015 Indian Scout - For a high quality throttle lock that has the ability to transfer from one bike to another within minutes nothing can touch it. Once installed It's extremely easy to use, and after more than 5K miles has never been re-adjusted, this throttle lock has preformed the same from day one, flawless. This was not my first throttle lock, but am sure it's my last.

Mark C., 2016 Indian Scout - The ATLAS was very simple to install, following the directions provided in the box. There were no modifications needed on the throttle, grip or setup. The ATLAS is very simple to operate. When you're on the highway and up to speed, just push in the button and adjust the throttle to the cruising speed you wish. Then just relax your right hand grip on the throttle and enjoy the ride. The throttle can also be manually operated with the lock on, in case of quickly needing a change in speed (stopping or accelerating). Just tap the button and the lock is released, as simple as that, and you're back to the normal throttle return. It's a great product for the price IMHO. I've been riding for 45+ years, and this is one of the greatest aftermarket throttle locks I've ever installed and used.

Indian Scout Throttle Lock


Clamp arm: Large Clamp arm

Channel: 3rd Channel

Friction Pad: Small Friction Pad

Explanation of Install

The ATLAS Throttle Lock fits perfectly with the Indian Scout.

Use the large clamp arm on the 3rd channel to clamp it to your throttle sleeve.

Adhere the small friction pad along the top edge of the stopper arm, just like in this photo.

Do you still have a question about installation? Drop us a line. Include your bike's year, make and model. Thanks!