BMW Throttle Lock - 650 / 800 / 1200 and More

BMW F-Series, 1200 Series & nineT

(Years 2007 - Present)

BMW F800 Throttle Lock BMW 1200 Throttle Lock BMW nineT Throttle Lock

Customer Reviews

Jenn, 2012 BMW F800GS - I bought the ATLAS to help me out on long highway trips, since my shoulder and wrist have issues after long hours on the road. It's easy to set, easy to disengage and if you need to adjust the throttle while it's on, it's pretty easy to do too. One complaint I've heard from people that I ride with is that their locks will set accidentally, which can be dangerous. No risk of that with this lock Definitely recommend.

Kim R., 2005 BMW R1200GS - I had another type of throttle lock that also acts as a weighted bar end. I don't like it because it is a hassle to use. The ATLAS is fast and painless. If your moto doesn't come with an electronic cruise control then the ATLAS is the next best thing!

Cam A., BMW F650GS - Love it. Works great, easy to set, adjust, turn off. I am using it a lot. Wish I had it for our ride to Alaska! Outstanding design. Thanks!
BMW F800 Throttle LockATLAS Throttle Lock Thin Stopper


Clamp arm: Large Clamp arm

Channel: 2nd Channel

Friction Pad: Small Friction Pad

Explanation of Install

The ATLAS Throttle Lock fits perfectly with the BMW GS series. And we mean all of them, 650, 700, 800, 1150 and 1200. 

Use the large clamp arm and the second channel with these throttle sleeves. 

Be sure to clamp the ATLAS on the throttle sleeve as close to the grip flange as possible. See the images below for more details.

For your BMW GS, we recommend you use the thinnest friction pad provided in your kit. Some may use the medium size friction pad. Place it on the stopper along the stopper's top edge exactly how you see it in this image.

Turn Signal Clearance (Years 2012 and Older)

The ATLAS Throttle Lock was designed to clear your turn signal buttons while in use. The ATLAS does not cover your buttons, but creates a channel for your thumb to easily reach your right turn signal. 

BMW F800 Throttle LockBMW Throttle GapBMW 1150 Throttle Lock

Older F650 & Dakar

(Years 2001 - 2006)

BMW f650 Dakar Throttle Lock

ATLAS Throttle Lock Medium Friction PadATLAS Throttle Lock Clamp Arms


Clamp arm: Small Clamp arm

Channel: 3nd Channel

Friction Pad: Medium or Small Friction Pad

Explanation of Install

Some 650s will need to use the smaller clamp arm on the 3rd channel. The small clamp arm has a special cut-out to clear all electrical components on the throttle sleeve.

Installation Instructions for the older 650

1) Slide the small clamp arm into the body piece, using the 3rd channel. 

2) Pivot the clamp arm so it is fully open, then place the clamp arm over the throttle sleeve.

3) Now pivot the body piece so it is now pressed against the bottom half of your grip flange.

4) Place the bolt through the clamp arm hole and start screwing it into the nut.

5) The ATLAS will clamp to the top half of the throttle housing combined with the bottom half of your grip flange and throttle housing.

Do you still have a question about installation? Drop us a line. Include your bike's year, make and model. Thanks!