Backorder Announcement

Backorders will ship in early July

Hello! As of June 12th, all orders for the Polished Top Kits and Polished Bottom Kits have been placed on backorder. We have displayed this announcement at the top of every page on our website as a notice. All backorders placed on or around July 12th have been notified via email. We are here to help, so please let us know if you have any questions.

You have 3 options

We have you covered! Here are 3 options moving forward:

1) Keep your order and wait until the beginning of July to receive your beautiful Polished Unit.

2) Contact and ask to switch your order to one of our Black Units, which are in stock and ready to ship.

3) Contact and ask for a refund.

Behind the Scene

New Polished Units are being assembled as I type this, but it's not a quick and simple process. Each unit goes through dozens of quality control checks before it's packaged and ready to ship. Our lead time (the time it takes between placing and receiving an order) is roughly 10 weeks. We ordered units April 20th with an expected delivery date of July 1st. COVID has delayed our shipping by roughly 3-7 days, which is why we are anticipating an early July delivery.

We will update all backordered customers once your order is ready to ship. In the meantime, stay safe and plan those moto trips!

The ATLAS Team